Grief Support & Funeral Service Officiation

Many People Facing A Crisis Situation in Dealing with End-of-Life and Death Don’t Know Where to Turn for Support. That’s Where Compassionate Care Associates in Albany, New York, Comes to Mind.

 Our experience in the ICU setting, the nursing home, the ethics consultation, the family conference, the funeral home makes Chaplain Harold W. Vadney III, M.Div. the indispensible member of the crisis team.

The services we offer become immensely important in coping with bereavement, grief, and mourning. Unfortunately, most hospitals, nursing homes, funeral service providers do not have the expertise to provide the support needed for the time it’s needed. That’s where our chaplaincy services become essential.

If you are facing an end-of-life situation, a critical healthcare decision, a death whether sudden or expected, contact us or have your service provider contact us. If you want to be helped, supported, accompanied through the crisis, we can help you.

Just be still and know we are there for you.
(a paraphrase of Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know I am God.”)

Click here to read or download our Descriptions of Services.

Or write to us at and request our Description of Services Booklet.


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