Today’s Meditation for September 12, 2012

I want by understanding myself, to understand others. I want to be all that I am capable of becoming…This all sounds very strenuous and serious. But now that I have wrestled with it, it’s no longer so. I feel happy–deep down.  All is well.   -Katherine Mansfield.-

It is rough going–this passage through grief. It is a time of soul searching. We are driven to examine ourselves, to look at what we have lost. What from the loved one stays with us? What do we hope to make of the rest of our lives?

So it is also a time of growth in iunderstanding–of ourselves and of others. It is hard work, and it is done in sadness because we are sad.

But when the dust has settled, when the sharpest edges of the pain have ased, we will be wiser and more compassionate. We will be more self-assured because we have been through hard times and have prevailed. A security we hadn’t known before may mark our life. We have looked death in the face and know that it is not all terror and confusion. As we learn to relinquish our loved one into the loving care of a creator, we will feel a peace coming into our lives, a trust in the order of things, and a willingness to cherish one day at a time.

this experience I will find in myself new strength and wisdom–perhaps,
even, new joy.
These Meditations are taken from
Healing After Loss. Daily Meditations for Working Through Grief
by Martha Whitmore Hickmann
(New York: Harper Collins (1994)). ISBN 0-380-77338-4

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