Chaplain-on-Call at Riverview Funeral Home, Troy, New York

We are very pleased to announce that Harold W. Vadney III, B.A., [M.A.], M.Div. has been added to the professional staff at the
Riverview Funeral Home in Troy New York.

The Riverview Funeral Home, Troy, New York

Chaplain Harold has been working with Riverview director Mr Roy Bordeau and the staff of Riverview on a regular basis, providing compassionate and professional funeral and memorial services to bereaved families from far and wide.

Chaplain Harold provides interfaith funeral officiation in English and several foreign languages, and has officiated at funeral services with Hindu/Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, Orthodox and Humanist themes. All of the services are individually prepared to honor and memorialize the life and meaning of the deceased and to reflect the traditions, values, and needs of the family and survivors.

Please visit our page at Thank you! That Was a Beautiful Service to read some of the funeral and memorial service programs, Harold’s homilies, and other elements of past services at Riverview and other Captial District funeral homes.

To learn more about the Riverview Funeral Home cliick this link: Riverview.

To read about the staff at Riverview, click this link: Riverview Staff.

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