RCS Thanatology Café Schedule

whats your storyWe’re continuing Thanatology Café in September and picking up the program with new discussions and video presentations on dying, death, grief, mourning, and other death-related topics. Thanatology Café is a great venue for clergy, healthcare professionals, funeral service providers, and the general public, anyone who is interested in death-related topics. Where the conversation is about death and you choose what to talk about.

We have received requests from Guilderland and Albany for events in those areas. We have reached out to the Guilderland Public Library and Albany Public Libraries to establish a dialogue for including the Thanatology Café events at their locations. We’re waiting to hear from them at this time.

Regular Thanatology Café groups will meet on September 13 (Wednesday), 6-8 p.m., and September 17 (Saturday), 2-4 p.m., for the September RCS Thanatology Café events at the RCS Community Library. We’ll have posters out and we’ll have our media releases out this coming week, so look for the items in your local newspapers.

We are organizing a new group for men and grieving, that will have a slightly different format from that used for our general Thanatology Café events. We are looking at Wednesday, September 7, 2016, from 6-8 pm, at the RCS Community Library, for our start-up/organizational meeting. We’d like to invite men of all ages to participate. Whether you’re grieving or just interested in learning, and helping other men cope with loss, come on in. We’ll discuss what you’d like to include in the program, where you’d like to meet, and other organizational details. This would be a great group for pastors or bereavement ministry coordinators, too.

As usual, we do ask that you sign up for the Thanatology Café events at your local library.  The libraries want to ensure confidentiality so you’ll have to ask for the sign-up sheet at the checkout counter. You can also sign up at thanatology.cafe@gmail.com.

Please also indicate if you can bring some sort of refreshment.

We’re all looking forward to seeing old and new faces at the September events, and to some more inspiring conversations and beneficial sharing!

Read the Thanatology Café September media release here.

Peace and blessings,
Rev. Ch. Harold
Principal Facilitator


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