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The professional interfaith bereavement chaplain: an essential asset to the mortuary services provider and to the consumer

Hospital & Institutional Chaplain – Grief Support – Funeral Officiation – Spiritual Guidance – Memorial Services – Ethics Consultation

Harold William Vadney III, B.A., [M.A.], M.Div.
Interfaith Pastoral Care Provider
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By Arrangement Through Your Service Provider
Phone: (518) 479-0525
(518) 810-2700 (24/7)

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In Christian Holy Scripture we read that Jesus said: “I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you also should love one another. This is how all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:34-35). This fundamental statement of relationship is echoed in almost every other human faith tradition. It’s a core value to humankind. We are called to make it reality.

Our Sacred Commitment

We are committed to serving by providing spiritual and emotional support to those in our community in association with organizations requesting these pastoral care ministries:

            •       Ministry to the Hospitalized and those confined to Nursing Homes
            •       Healing Anointing of the Sick
            •       Wake, Prayer, Funeral Officiation, Graveside, Memorial Ministry
            •       Bereavement Ministry
            •       Outreach Ministry

Anointing of the Sick
The healing anointing is intended for critical moments at the onset of illness, the progression of a serious disease, or a notable weakening in the physical condition of any person upon request or even prior to a pending surgical procedure. Please have your healthcare provider, nursing home, or funeral care representative contact us to make arrangements for anointing rite services.

The Funeral Ministry
Our Funeral Ministry support provides guidance regarding funeral preparation. We hold out the promise of hope, and a helping hand, to assist you through this time of loss, pain, and transition. Be assured that you will be in our prayers during this difficult journey through death to life and healing. We work closely with you and your funeral director in selecting the most appropriate prayers, readings, rituals, and special words for the wake, viewing, prayer vigils, liturgies, and graveside commitment rites to commemorate your loved one.

Please have your healthcare provider, nursing home, or funeral care representative contact us to make arrangements for funeral ministry services.

Bereavement & Grief Facilitation Ministry
The bereavement ministry is dedicated to providing spiritual and emotional comfort and support following the loss of a loved one. Our purpose is to be present for you. Please have your healthcare provider, nursing home, or funeral care representative contact us to make arrangements for bereavement and grief facilitation services.

Outreach Ministry
Some healtcare facilities and funeral homes provide for outreach. Outreach Ministry establishes a regular telephone contact with registered members. There is also a follow up contact to every individual who requests the sacrament of the Healing Anointing of the Sick. Please have your healthcare provider, nursing home, or funeral care representative contact us to make arrangements for outreach services.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC) provide an invaluable apostolate by bringing Holy Communion to those unable to attend the liturgy.

If requested, we can ensure that communion is brought to the sick and homebound or in nursing facilities requesting our pastoral care services. This extraordinary ministry provides not just the sacrament, but also the support and caring warmth of the pastoral care visit. Have your healthcare or nursing home contact us to make arrangements for communion services.

First Responder Ministry
The First Responder ministry grew out of the pastoral need to meet the emergency and urgency of phone calls from family members requesting (AOS) the sacrament of Healing Anointing of the Sick for a loved one who is seriously ill or dying.

Please have your healthcare provider or your services provider contact us to set up a confidential personal conference.

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