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Harold William Vadney III, M.Div.
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In Comforting Hands
In Comforting Hands

I created this blog in response to my experiences as hospital chaplain providing interfaith pastoral care to patients and families in a 600+-bed Level 1 trauma center. There, while providing pastoral care to patients, families, and staff on the medical intensive care, oncology/blood disorders, and when on-call to the entire hospital, including the ER, I found that an incredible number of people find themselves lost in a confused world populated by uncertainty and unfamiliar emotions, when facing critical or end-of-life decisions. Fortunately, I was there to help but was torn when it came to the point where the patient and family left the hospital, or were faced with having to make funeral arrangements for a loved one who had died, and–once they had left the hospital–I was unable to continue providing them with much-needed care.

As hospital chaplain, I could not step over the boundaries and continue my pastoral care to the bereaved outside of the hospital. I couldn’t even assist with a funeral home recommendation, or help with arrangements without a special request and departmental permission. Hospital and Pastoral Care department policy tied my hands. I felt something had to be done to assist these people; I couldn’t just establish a relationship of spirituality and trust, and then just abandon them. Many didn’t have church or parish associations now, when they needed emotional, spiritual and community support now more than ever. Some didn’t even know how to find a funeral home to pick up their loved one’s body.

If you are reading this you may very well be one of those families I served at the hospital, or you may have experienced what I am describing. Or you may just be curious about the title of this infoblog. But now you are aware of a much-needed and now-available service: Bereavement Facilitation Support.

I’d like to extend a special word of gratitude to all those compassionate funeral homes who recognize their clients’ need for bereavement and grief facilitation. and continuing pastoral care and spiritual support in their clients’ healing journeys. I am very happy to be able to recommend supporting providers in the links part of this blog. We’ve worked with them and their client families and we know their hearts are in the right place.

If, after reading this blog, you feel you need our pastoral care support, we recommend that you request your healthcare provider or service provider to contact us and arrange for a family or individual confidential conference to discuss your or a family member’s needs.

In the meantime, include me in your prayers and enjoy shalom* of mind and heart.
Love and support one another!

Ch. Harold

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Be Still and
Know I Am There!

* Wholesomeness

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One Reply to “Hospital – Institutional Chaplain & Grief Support”

  1. This is a wonderful idea. We need more help in our society with this. After loosing a brother-in-law and father two years ago (six months apart) I realized for the first time how important this is and how our society is not really supportive.
    People just think you need to “get over it”. We need help for many people who don’t know how to handle even the things you are speaking of. My sisters would have just allowed my father’s funeral to be whatever the pastor wanted because they were not thinking clearly. I realized that we needed to make it something for him- a tribute to him and something we all wanted and needed for closure at that moment.
    We need help at times like these. Great job.

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