But we’re not practicing…

But we don’t go to church or synagogue…We really want to have some words said…Can you pray? We don’t have a pastor. We don’t have a parish. We’re not members of a synagogue. We believe but we don’t know a priest…

As a hospital chaplain and pastoral care provider how many times have I heard these words? Shocked, confused, disoriented and faced with incredible decisions and responsibilities. Where to turn?!?

We can help. Working with local funeral homes we work with families and the funeral professionals, in person, to provide support and bereavement and grief facilitiation, and to provide the necessary emotional and spiritual support throughout from planning to the graveside.

You may not have a parish or congregation and you may not have a regular clergy person who is willing to officiate at the wake service, the prayer service, the graveside, or at the visitation or memorial service but that’s where we can help.

Experience interfaith pastoral care. Dignity and spiritual and cultural sensitivity in a sacred ministry of presence.

Please have your healthcare provider or funeral services provider contact us as soon as possible so that we can participate in any family conferences or consultations right from the start.


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