Contact Us

Thank you for your interest.

We work only directly with healthcare facilities, extended care facilities, and funeral homes. We do not accept requests directly from the patient, the patient’s family, or private parties, unless previously requested by the facility or the service provider.

We can be contacted by registered and authorized clients at:

we will respond as soon as possible but usually within 12 hours.

Our mailing address is:
Ch. Harold W. Vadney
P.O. Box 422
New Baltimore, New York 12124
Telephone: (518) 479-0525 (Office Hours: 1:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m.)
Urgent Telephone No.: (518) 810-2700 (24/7)

We are available for the following services:

    • Initial on-site consultation and information harvesting conference
    • Pastoral care visit
    • Wake service / vigil service
    • Pre-funeral service (at funeral home)
    • Graveside service / Rite of commendatation/commitment
    • Memorial and visitation services
    • Bioethics consultations/conferences

Although we accept requests only from healthcare/nursing care/hospice facilities and directly from funeral and memorial service providers, we are always ready to assist in the event of urgent personal need.
 Rates will be provided at the time of initial contact and inquiry


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