Gift of Life: Organ Donation

Organ Donation is a gift of life.

With the advances in medical science in the last decade, organ transplants have become fairly common. Organ donation at a time of death is a gift of life or sight to the recipient. Circumstances surrounding death may limit this option. Whole organs or tissues can be used to improve the lives of other human beings after your or a loved one’s death. The age of the donor is rarely significant and donors well into their 80’s can be considered. If your wish is to aid the living with an organ donation, make sure your next-of-kin and your physician know your preference. It’s not only important to make your wishes known to your doctor, family and friends, to carry an organ donor card, but in New York State it’s doubly important that you are on the organ donor registry. This intent should be noted also on any medical or hospital records, too.

For more information go to Center for Organ and Tissue Donation located at 218 Great Oaks Boulevard, Albany, NY 12203 or call 518.262.5606 | 800.256.7811.

Organ & Tissue Donation

Organ Donation and Anatomical Gifts
The Anatomical Gift Program supports organ donations. The donation of organs for transplantation takes precedence over whole body donation. Individuals who donate their organs for transplantation are acceptable as whole body donations to the Medical College provided the remaining criteria are met.


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