Pastoral Care not just Spiritual

Pastoral Care is not just spiritual care. Mindful of the dignity of every person, chaplains provide spiritual and emotional support to patients, their families, hospital staff, students and faculty.
As a member of an interfaith team, the mission of the chaplain is to care for people of all faiths and traditions, to help the patient, the patient’s family and friends cope with illness, dying and death, and to support and assist you when making difficult healthcare decisions.
Chaplains are companions who will listen; he is someone with whom you can share your burden. The chaplain is available to those experiencing loneliness or anxiety, for anyone dealing with loss, long-term illness, trauma or death. All situations are unique and individual, so pastoral care responds in many ways, and may include prayer, ethics consultation, counseling, sacramental services and worship, or just simply silent presence.
In addition to making routine visits to requestors, our chaplaincy can also provide continuing pastoral education through workshops, act as facilitation for community groups, plan, prepare and preside at seasonal and memorial services, and makes contact with local clergy upon request. Further, the chaplain promotes cooperative understanding between hospital personnel, patient and family, religious groups, and service providers.

Please have your healthcare provider or other services provider contact us.


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